January 20, 2012


As soon as we could see, we were headed out. The current is in our favor and we want to make the best of it.


No wind to speak of…the water is flat.


It makes a beautiful back drop for all the beautiful boats heading SOUTH…..


Here is a very unique boat.


Jim thinks he could live here….lots of head room….no wood to varnish.


But….this is what we really need…shallow draft…launch at Lake Jessup (1 mile from our home)…and trailerable.


The Pelicans are a favorite of ours.


Diamond Girl  in the diamonds…


But the day was the best day we had for spotting Dolphins. I had one come right up to the front of the boat and swim along while I stood on the bow. What a thrill.

I put several clips of the dolphins in a short video….

We are at anchor near Cocoa.


We were not the only ones making an early start.

001 s

002 cs

I could definitely live here!!!!  She sure is a beauty. I would love to see below deck.


Our run today is only about 15 miles. We’ll pick up a mooring at Vero Beach, grab the bus to Waldo’s for lunch and spend the rest of the day lounging around.

Larry and Diane took the bus to Wal-Mart and back…guess it was quite a busy trip

We spent some time looking at a 32’ Erickson sailboat.  Didn’t look to be in bad shape, only $5000. Wind generator, solar panel, dingy davits, lots of other stuff. If it all works it’s a deal. At least it’s floating right now so there aren’t any holes in the bottom. Unfortunately…it’s 4 1/2 ft. draft would severely limit our use on the river….and it’s not trailerable.

Beautiful day. Quiet night.