January 24, 2012


We had a pretty sunset in Titusville.


The night was much better once the boats were off the water for the night.

Jim and I have been watching old Lone Ranger TV episodes. That is our evening entertainment.

Greeted by another beautiful sunrise. it was so flat, you could almost turn some of these pictures upside down and not know the difference.



Our wake….


As we got closer to the Haulover Canal, there were a few fishermen. One had a dolphin for company.


We saw several Dolphin, but none came to play in the bow wake.


The sun is finally up, and it is beautiful. The sky and water change depending on the direction you look.



As we passed the next island I caught the sun behind it. It has changed from red to golden.


I love the sunrises as well as the sunsets. We are usually underway before the sun gets over the horizon so we get to enjoy them. It is so beautiful on the water, especially when it is so flat, and the reflection just intensifies the colors.

It was only 8 am when we got to the entrance to the Haulover Canal, but there were already several people setting up their spots, and several fishing boats. You can see at least 5 behind A Dollar More and I believe there is one by the fender.


Once out of the Haulover Canal we headed up the Indian River North towards New Smyrna.

A few of the houses had nice places to view the ICW.



This was my favorite.


A lot of people having fun on this one.


I’m not sure what this man was picking up…clams? oysters? he had something on a line that floated along. You can see he has a pile of something on it.


Someone has a problem. I don’t remember seeing this one on our way down a few weeks ago, but it may have been here. There is a sandbar between us and the boat behind, and she’s stuck on it.


We anchored on the S side of the rt 92 bridge in Daytona Beach, FL. No rafting up tonight. The boat traffic is heavy and the wakes are huge. It was rock n’ roll until after dark.

Another nice sunset.



Once the sun was down and the boat wakes lessened, Jim and I watched a few more episodes of “The Lone Ranger”. One of my favorites as a kid.