October 14, 2014

San Juan 21….. day 2 10.13.14

All those little specks are ants….this is what Jim has been fighting for 2 days. Every time he thinks he’s got them all ….more show up. Once he’s done with the washing and rotten wood removal. We’ll move the boat into the shop and I’ll put some  “food” in for them to take back to the nests that are sandwiched between the fiberglass and do them all in….I hope. Works in the house….and it worked on the Adventure Craft when we beached in the evening to walk the dogs. While waiting for them to take care of business, I looked down and the deck was black with ants. We rinsed out all we could but some got inside. I put a few drops of “Protexall Ant-Kill” behind the cushions etc. and within minutes they were dining….and the next day….gone.002cs

Jim is hard at work.


Anchor locker in the V berth.


Port berth still needs a final wash….


as does the starboard berth. Looks to be plenty of room for us to stretch out and spend a night or two.


Rotten wall removed….boy does that open up the inside.


Jim will have to put something back in for support by hopefully it wont have to close the whole thing up. We like air-flow.


It looks so nice and big inside without those walls…


Final pressure wash inside done….all bailed and vacuumed out with the shop vac. Got lots of ants too. Backed it in the truck port. I've fed the ants….we’ll let it set a day or two and see if it worked. It is for grease and sugar eating ants. These are little guys and it may work on them too.

I wonder if Jim will decide he prefers the Yukon Delta houseboat after spending several days inside this little guy.

Once we have all the ants out we might take it out on the river for a day just to see if the trolling motor will move it along. Cant wait to get on the water…even if only for a day.

I hope my next post will be from “Meander” and we are out spotting gators.