November 12, 2013

Classic Houseboat Rendezvous 2013 St Johns River, FL

Jim and I launched Meander yesterday afternoon. Bud and Michaelle launched Avi-Toon a few minutes later.

This morning Bud got  his canopy in place. You can not see it in this picture, but the scallops are edged in maroon to match the colors on the side of the boat. It really looks great.

We snapped our screens in place. Tonight we can enjoy the rear deck…..mosquito free.


Around Mid-morning Big Duck and The Ugly Duckling pulled into the parking lot.

It didn’t take long for Terry and Jerry to get Ugly Duckling in the water.


As The Ugly Duckling cruised up to me I could hear it quacking….literally…What a riot….I guess he can make all kinds of sounds but the quacking duck fits perfectly.

Terry was hauling the fenders aboard.


Handsome boats.


Once BigDuck was in the water the engine wouldn’t start so Bud and Jim went over to help.

While we waited, this little thing cruised by….a motor with surf boards?


They got the problem solved….faulty ignition. And here comes Big Duck.


I guess we are officially underway.


Jim and Bud on their way back.


Waiting for the train to pass and the bridge to open.


First gator of the day…and a nice one. Looks as though he enjoys posing for the tourists….is that a cheeky little smile?


Meander has all her ducks in a row….and an Avi-Toon.


Coming thru the canal that connects the St Johns River to the Hontoon River. This is a great ride…you have to watch the limbs overhead and hope you don’t meet anyone coming the other way…


Bud and Avi-Toon won a minor match with a submerged log after exiting the channel. It’s a narrow and winding water way with lots of surprises.



Anchoring at Drigger Island.




We’re all here….


We took the dingy over to Avi-Toon and picked up Michaelle and headed for


 the “ducks”. They had rafted up and we had not met Terry and Jerry yet.

It turned out to be a nice evening. After  meeting everyone we visited awhile then headed back to the boats for supper.

Another great day on the water.

Larry and Diane….we miss you!!!!!