March 18, 2008


Woke up to windy weather...cruised on up to Charleston Harbor....gave it a try at about a wild ride....decided we'd better turn back and wait till the wind died down and the current reversed at slack tide we gave it another shot....Jim got real good at reading how to ride the swells and waves....and the correct amount of was an exciting run....once on the other side and headed up the ICW we had smooth water......the landscape changed again....narrow waterway and hi-dollar homes .... I doubt we could afford the electric bill.

And some real nice cruisers......and one "houseboat"? Not really sure what it was...but it didnt have any advertising like most of the tourboats maybe it is someone's home...

Here's a better look at it.

We are anchored just off the ICW at Awendaw Creek, just S of StM 435. For those of you who dont have charts....StM is Statute Mile....and the ICW charts have them every 5 miles so it's easy to figure out where you are.

We thought this house interesting.....there isnt anything close to it for quite aways...and there there was another in a similar area....we could see houses way off in the distance. Didnt look like there would be much protection in a big blow....but it looked to be in good condition.

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