March 20, 2008

3.20.08 Waccamaw River SC

We left the dock at high tide at 9:45am, with a stiff breeze...Had no problem in the bay other than a good chop....when we were almost to the bridge I saw a big fishing of those triple deckers with tall poles...he was flying and we could see he was trying to beat us to the bridge....his wake almost swamped's a good thing Jim didnt have a big boat...there would have been a major case of water rage!!! It's a good thing I had the camera turned would have been all bleeps....we got the last part of his name....???Hopper....I think it was rock or something....too bad we didnt get the whole thing....we'd have made a call to the Coast Guard and made a complaint incase he's ever in a court case....up here you are responsible for your wake..

The guide said to leave at high tide for a favorable current but we've been fighting it all day...The Waccamaw reminds us of the St Johns....lots of cyprus trees and knees....but the leaves are just budding and there may have been some redbuds or dogwood....light pink blossoms....all very pretty.

We are anchored near G29 near StM 375....and the first "Looper" we've seen so far is anchored just up from us....Maybe we'll get to meet them in the morning....Adios II a Monk 36....out of Wilmington DE.

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