March 24, 2008


Jim thinks he finally found the leak in the dingy and we have it on the dock ...all patched...needs to dry for 24 us a good reason to spend another night at the dock...with electricity...and perhaps a walk across the bridge to a seafood restaurant....courtesy car if it's too cold for a walk...

Plenty of hot water with great pressure in the showers.....we paid $3.30 for gas. Very nice people here...we are enjoying our stay....the marine store is a superstore for fishermen. I could go broke buying lures and stuff here. Fun place to shop and it looked like they had a lot of the necessary stuff too.

We sit so low they put us at the launch ramp works perfectly for us...short distance to walk the dogs....they sure do aim to please their customers.

The grocery store is only a few miles away and so is the well as, a couple of waterfront restaurants.

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greg zimpher said...

Wow u guy don't have hot water. You r really roughing it . Greg