March 30, 2008


We found out later that a fishing boat sunk a few miles from us for the same reason...taking on water....a sailboat was towed in the same afternoon....the Coast Guard has been busy the last few days...


greg zimpher said...

So what happened ? Was the water to rough ? Greg

T & M said...

By any chance did the hull split
(fwd to aft) in the left-forward cabin sponson area below the waterline?

I have a crack developing(on the inside) of that area on my 2001 Adcraft that really concerns me.

I would truly appreciate the details on the accident since we have been seriously contemplating your same trip with our boat. Maybe we need to re-evaluate our plans.

I now believe these machines need to stay in no more than light-moderate chop water because the pounding of 1-2' waves really has caused (or so I think) damage to my boat. And I was only in that rough of water for about :45 doing around 6kts. And only once, I might add.

We operate out of the Ten Thousand Islands area in SW Florida. Have owned the boat a little over 2 years, and have put about 250 hours on her during that time.

Thanks. T & M