October 31, 2008

10.24.08 - 10.29.08

After a good day in Salt River Springs we decided to cruise up to Welaka, FL to see if an Albin 25, "Southern Cross", was still on the hard. She was. We had looked at her just before we bought the A27 that we now have. The A25 can also be used with a sailing setup and though we really liked the idea there just wasnt enough headroom for Jim. We were hopeing to meet the owners.

After checking that out we headed back S and made a quick trip up the Old Oklawaha River. Didnt go the whole lenght..we were unable to find any high ground for Raisin so turned around and headed back down to the St Johns River and S to Drayton Island for the night. It rained most of the night. We had a few minor leaks but nothing that caused any problem.
The next morning we headed back to Silver Glen Springs to meet with Ron and Karen. A couple of their friends also showed up and they did a "raft-up". Ron and Karen's is the houseboat on the R. Joe and Marsha have the one on the far left...they have "lived aboard" for 9 years and the boat is in imaculate shape. It's for sale, too!! Unfortunately it's not trailerable ...so Jim cant have it.

We spent a few days at Silver Springs and the batteries held up well. It was pretty cold at night...in the 40's...and we dont have a generator or heater...but once the sun shines on us it warms up nicely. We did try starting the engine for 15 minutes...then after we shut down...we opened the engine compartment and let the heat from the engine rise into the cockpit. Since it is only enclosed with canvas and vinyl windows it doesnt hold out much of the cold air..Kinda like being in a tent. We'll come up with something for heat for the next trip.

On Monday, 27th, we headed out into Lake George and S on the St Johns. We got across Lake George before it kicked up too much.

We still cant get over how much water is still over the banks of the river. Our trip into Mullet Lake Park was a big surprise. We couldnt even find the dock . This is a picture we took a year ago. If you look closely at the end of the dock you can see a couple of poles. The very

tips of them were all that was above the water. And the sign half way out the dock was only a ft or two out of the water. Everything was flooded and I doubt the park was even open. I was so surprised at what we saw..I forgot to take a picture.

We turned around and headed back up near the entrance to Lake Jessup and found a spot of high ground for Raisin and anchored for the night. We had a beautiful sunset.

Thurs we hauled out at Lake Monroe Park. Unfortunately there is no long term parking and may not be any for a month or more. It will depend on how their parking area drys out. The loading of Slow Motion went well. It's a bit of a job getting it on the trailer if windy but we had a great day. Now for a few more "fixes" and we'll be ready to get back on the water when Larry and Diane and their Nimble Nomad, get her mid Nov.

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Larry and Diane said...

High water on the St John's May mean a trip exploring Lake Harney and Puzzle Lake without being stranded in "Skinny" water.