November 28, 2008

11.28.08 St Augustine, FL

Thanksgiving turned out to be a great day. We wernt able to be with family and we didnt have a feast….but there was food on the table and good friends to share it with.

We used the dingy to take Raisin to shore this morning. With the tide in we rowed right up to steps to the fort.11.27 & 28 -08 017 We cruised over and snapped a few shots of this MacGregor 26X…Takes Two…we used to have one.  Takes Two at St Augustine FL By the time we got back, Larry and Diane were ready to dingy to the marina and hike into town and the Sailors Exchange.  Fairly good walk.  Got what we needed there and then another hike to West Marine. Larry & Diane left a few minutes ahead of us…went the wrong way…except it turned out to be the right way….as he was checking his GPS to see where to go a very nice man offered them a ride.  Then he waited and drove us all back to the Marina.  Sometimes in life….the wrong turn can be the right one.11.27 & 28 -08 024 11.27 & 28 -08 025 I love this hat.

Back to the boat to check on the dog and bird and get the stuff put away.11.27 & 28 -08 029 Jim is working on his new steering wheel and installing a new ship to shore radio. Ours wasnt getting out. We could hear but not be heard.

This cruise ship was passing by.11.27 & 28 -08 028

Guess we are going to spend another night here. We still havnt been over to the fort. Too much to see. It’s a nice town.

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