December 1, 2008

11.30.08 beautiful sunset

Had a peaceful night at anchor…guess everyone went home…thank God!!  We had a beautiful sunset12.1.08 wheel, Tammy 007 I spotted this boathouse.  It was big enough for us to live in.I could live in this boat house We called my daughter, Tammy, when we got near G109 in Palm Coast.  It was getting pretty windy and a storm was brewing. Heard there was a tornado warning in Oviedo, where we live, but heard later it had passed with no trouble.

It has been an eventful day on the water.  Lots of big….go fast boats…that pass at high speed…big wakes…in a narrow channel…giving you no time to recover before the next one went roaring past.  We anchored near Bings Landing…Larry was able to get River Nomad inside the channel. We dingied over to the dock to see Tammy & Kip.12.1.08 wheel, Tammy 020 She and Kip took us to town for groceries. Jim stayed with the dingy. While we were gone…he took Raisin back to the boat. While he was aboard several boats went flying past creating huge wakes…evidently one caused the front of the dingy to lift up and the wind caught it and flipped it upside down. ….motor and all….needless to say..Jim was not a happy boater. He did manage to get it running enough to get us back to the boat. Kip called a marina, a few miles down the ICW, and got us slips for the night. As we were pulling into the marina it started to sprinkle….as we were setting the dock lines we got a cold torrential downpour. We were soaked!!!. Kip, Tammy, Shaina (my granddaughter) and my great-grandson, Matthew came aboard for a visit.12.1.08 wheel, Tammy 029 Once everyone got dry clothes on, we went out to dinner. Had a great meal….good company and conversation. All in all…the day ended well.  (we’ll see how the dingy motor runs later).

Jim picked up a larger steering wheel at Sailors Exchange in St Augustine. He finally has it installed.wheel 002 Now he can stand and rest his hand comfortably.

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