December 9, 2008

12.09.08 Sunrise in Ft Pierce, FL

I guess most of you know by now…I am partial to sunrises and sunsets.

We anchored near the A1A bridge at Ft Pierce…marker R184. It was a lumpy night until the tide changed direction and went the same way as the wind. Then we had a great night’s sleep. It was worth it for the sunrise.12.09.08 004 We watched this big sailboat dance on the anchor for several hours.  At times it looked like he was going to ram us and then his anchor would take him back the other way. A hot cup of tea and a candle made for a pleasant evening.12.09.08 012

We had a very lumpy run down to our current anchorage. We are almost in the St Lucie river…tucked up behind an island. We had to get advice from a local boat on how to get around the sandbar, but once in here we had 6 ft of water…at low tide and the sandbar is between us and the ICW channel so it breaks up the worst of the waves the big boys put out.

This is one of the big boats that passed us…slowly…and we thanked him for his courtesy.12.09.08 015 Tomorrow we are going to head across the Okeechobee Waterway toward  the W coast.

This is a picture Larry took of Jim and I in Jacksonville. He thought Jim carrying my purse..was..'”precious”.HPIM1243 Since I very seldom get pictures of us…the ones Larry takes will probably be out of sequence but I like to put them in so you know we are really out here.

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