December 14, 2008

12.13.08 To windy to try the lake again

“Dorothy Scott”, big boat on the L…just came back. She started out and decided it was too rough…good enough for us…see the difference in our sizes? 12.13.08 Port Mayaca, Indiantown marina 007 The sailboat was heading out just as the other one came in…dont know if he came back or not…we decided to head E. The weather isnt going to be much better for 3 or 4 more days and we need water and a few supplies…heading to Indiantown Marina.

Decided to spend the night at Indiantown…good choice…got the laundry done…and June gave Diane and I a ride to the grocery store. But the best part…Sat night is BBQ night!!!12.13.08 Port Mayaca, Indiantown marina 013 June is wearing the white hat. She and her husband (green) are leaving for Bimini in a sailboat. Very nice people…but most long term cruisers are.  12.13.08 Port Mayaca, Indiantown marina 011BBQ pork & chicken are supplied by the marina…everyone brings something so we had some new flavors.12.13.08 Port Mayaca, Indiantown marina 014 12.13.08 Port Mayaca, Indiantown marina 016This is definately not one of my best shots….made the mistake of giving the camera to Jim again….but the picture of the food is great so had to post it.12.13.08 Port Mayaca, Indiantown marina 017 We are on the E side of the Port St Lucie Lock….up a side creek…we can hear the wind whistling in the tree tops but we are protected down here. We anchor facing upstream and then Larry anchors facing downstream and we raft up. That way we have a good anchor in each direction and it keeps us from swinging into the middle of the channel. Diane made spaghetti for supper and then we watched a movie. It’s going to be good sleeping weather…not too hot or cold. With any luck all the fishing boats will be home for the night and we will have just a gentle rocking caused by the wind.

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