December 24, 2008


We managed to con Jim into another walk into town. We found the ACE Hardware but they didnt have any butane for our stove. The alcohol stove has been doing a good job but the butane is hotter. Then we found the bike store. Jim and I are looking for folding bikes. The owner said he could order them and they’d be here tomorrow…well..maybe not till Fri because of the holiday…to me that meant we’d be sitting here till next week so we passed on them. Maybe we can find a couple of used ones. Then a quick stop at the Winn-Dixie..Larry needed a few items but we didnt need anything…still ended up with 2 bags each.

After lunch we took the dingy and went Iguana hunting. I think we found the 4 footer. He sat on these Mangrove roots and posed for us. They really have some beautiful color. I didnt get all his tail in this picture.

12.22.08 Iguana hunting 009

Not too many boats in here and 4 or 5 large sailboats anchored outside the entrance. I think the restaurant is closed until after Christmas so it should be pretty peaceful for a couple of days. We’ll spend Christmas here and then decide whether we are going N or S.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! We pray the New Year will bring good health and prosperity to all. God Bless

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