January 3, 2009

1.02.09 mooring ball in Vero Beach, Fl

We’ve had 2 busy days. Red & kathy King came down to Vero Beach and picked us up. Grocery shopping..back to the boat with a dingy full of bags..stow away….then they took us to Palm Bay, FL to pick up a 1000 watt Honda generator. We debated between that and a 2000 watt but decided the smaller …lighter 1000 watt would be easier to carry from the bow to the stern. It will charge the batteries if necessary…and run a small heater or the GT101 Express cooker.  Cant ask for more.

We picked up a couple of folding chairs and a folding table. They take up a lot of room.. but 6 people could sit in the cockpit and play a game or have supper. It will work well for the car shows also. West Marine has them on sale for under $40. Very comfortable folding chairs and easy to open. 2 chairs and table store in one bag.

1.03.09 001 We are on a mooring ball. It’s anchored to the seabed…and then we tie to it.  It’s the funny looking white thing in front of our boat. They put 3 on a mooring if the space is needed.

1.03.09 003

1.03.09 006

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Happy New Year

Love your blog and enjoying your trip with you.

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