February 27, 2009

2.26.09 repairs

Jim took the injectors to Orlando to be cleaned and flow tested.  Should have the results tomorrow.

Look what showed up in the front yard at the birdbath.2.22-23.09 015 and along with them came a few Cedar Waxwings…2.22-23.09 031 Beautiful little birds…Jim liked this picture because of the cocky attitude on it’s face.2.22-23.09 028 My friend and neighbor, Debbie, kept my feeders full so the Painted Buntings would stick around and they did. We have 4 pair of Painted Buntings injured bird & painted buntings 006 and 1 pair of Indigo Buntings. That’s along with the Cardinals, Catbirds, Titmice and a nice flock of Doves.There are a few I’m not sure of..possibly female Redwing Blackbirds and a couple of small grey birds.They all come to the feeders just outside my computer room window.

My yards look like minefields…thanks to the Armadillos. The Racoons had the lid off the turkey feeder…andBirds 003 ...that was empty. What the Racoons cap0027 dont carry off the Rabbits get. It’s actually a deer feeder but we’ve not had any deer yet. Used to have a flock of 10 wild turkeys. Now only a few come thru. The “automatic” part  doesnt work so the squirrels and coon climb up …hang upside down and dig the corn out.

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