March 15, 2009


Left Palatka and headed to Green Cove Springs for the night.3.14.09 008

Carole and Ed have a good friend, Gordon, who lent us his van, complete with 2 cats, to run to the store for supplies. “Thanks, George…see you on the return…

His boat is currently “on the hard” while he does repairs. He built it and sailed it from England. The yard in Green Cove Springs is full of boaters working on their pride and joys..big and small. Some absolutely unbelievable. Lots of dream boats in there for us.

We had a pre-supper snack aboard our boat and enjoyed stories and a couple games of “R L M” . a dice game where you pass chips to the R the L or to the cup in the middle.  The last person with a chip is the winner. a good game that requires very little concentration so you can still visit.

Nice night for sleeping.

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