March 25, 2009

3.25.09 engine get lifted out

Well….Jim has something to do now, besides mow, chop, weed and fill in the holes the critters make in the lawn…

One of the locals here in the Black Hammock, has a big truck with a lift. He came over this morning to see what the boat looked like..said he could do it…came back an hour later…and did it…engine haulout    3.25.09 008 This was definately the way to do it.engine haulout    3.25.09 011 engine haulout    3.25.09 018 engine haulout    3.25.09 021 He controls it with a hand control.. so he was able to work it up and out from inside the boat where he could see just what he had for clearances. Once out…they pulled ahead and set the engine on the tractor barn floor.engine haulout    3.25.09 026 From there Jim put it on his engine hoist…engine haulout    3.25.09 037 Once he got the parts off the back he put it on an engine stand.engine haulout    3.25.09 047 He spent the rest of the afternoon pulling parts off.engine haulout    3.25.09 053 He’ll spend the next few days cleaning everything up…I guess this is a side of boating most people dont see.

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