April 3, 2009

4.3.09 New block arrived

Jim’s not bored any more…..the new block arrived today.4.03.09e 011 After the unveiling…4.03.09e 013

He was glad to see that this came with the new block. This is the old one.4.03.09e 018

We now have new pulleys…..maybe our alternator belt will last longer.4.03.09e 021 4.03.09e 022

and a new fuel pump pulley…this one was scored when the belt tensioner spring broke….4.03.09e 023

Jim ordered a water pump from Jesco…it was a bit pricey so he got one from NAPA….we wanted to compare them to see why.  The big difference is in the circumference of the impeller blades…This is the Jesco4.3.09e 002 this is the NAPANAPA water pump

Jim feels there will be less water flow with the NAPA…so is keeping the Jesco Water pump.

There are a few parts he has to take off the old block….then assembly starts.

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