May 23, 2009

5.23.09 It’s back together

Jim picked up the new injector tips. All installed. We just need to figure out when we want to launch and do a test run.

We’ve had a lot of rain and flooding, so it is going to depend on the St Johns River’s situation. If there is a flooding problem they usually ask you to stay off so as not to create wakes that could cause a homeowner some damage. We’ll be checking that situation out and working from there.

My sister gave us a folding bike. Jim has been getting that back into shape. Rode it a couple of miles and it is pretty comfortable. She has another one that we can have so we’ll be in good shape on a cruise, if we need to go for groceries, etc.

I’ve been chasing the little critters around with a camera for the other blog:

Windows are open…temperature is about 86 inside…nice breeze but it looks like it’s clouding up for another go. It was a good day to do some transplanting…nature is going to water for me.

5.13.09 114

Figured I should at least put 1 picture of the boat in.

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