June 3, 2009

Solar Vents

You know how concerned I am about you’all thinkin’ Jim is just laying around…not enjoying his retirement…well, don’t worry, he’s not!

He spent two days working on the central air system. Cleaned all the ducts and replaced the flex duct. Should be a lot more efficient now.

The solar vents arrived yesterday. Today Jim got to drill holes in the boat.c

We put one solar vent in the top. When the boat is closed up we get a lot of mold on the cockpit roof.solar vents 007

It’s located near the front., not quite over the stairway into the galley.solar vents 009c We can leave the forward hatch board out,(odd shaped one) lay a screen over it, and lock the rear hatch board into place.This should create a chimney effect with the head port open. The solar vent will be in a position to pull the air on up thru the roof.solar vents 015c

The second solar vent went into the sleeper berth.solar vents 011c

Not only will it ventilate when we are gone, but will help when we have to keep the ports closed because of rain…Summer in FL means afternoon thunderstorms.

Now that we have the solar vents in we can clean up and start packing the food stuffs etc and launch on Mon., weather permitting.

So…is anyone else out there having as much fun with their boat as we are?

I hope my next post will be filled with gator shots and lots of “Woo hoos !!”..we’re having too much fun!

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