August 21, 2009

It ran the best it’s ever run!!

I never once had to go below to move stuff around so it wouldn’t vibrate. The engine didn’t smoke and ran smoothly….even at an idle.!!

We were only out for 3 nights and traveled about 130 miles.  So far, we are very happy with the rebuild. It should have been this way when we first put it in the water a few months ago…..the problem was in the way the rebuilt fuel pump had been set. They made it good…but it took Jim the better part of a day each time he had to remove it and take it to Orlando.

On our way S of Lake Monroe, we spotted these Sandhill Cranes in a backyard. He’s sure strutting his stuff.On River 022cs

This one must have seen the camera and wanted to pretty up.On River 024cs

After we checked out Mullet Lake, we headed N.

How about these for mowing your lawn….recycle the grass clippings into fertilizer for the flowers,  and they eat just about anything. Cute little fellas.On River 053cs We met these canoes on the river. Looks like they were packed for a few days on the water.On River 060cs

It’s been very hot!!  Afternoon thundershowers are the norm now.  This one chased us across Lake George. Managed to dump a few sprinkles on us but didn’t cool it down much.On River 073cs

Once in the spring we both took time too cool off in the clean, clear water.On River 079cs

The otters were having a good time too.On River 096cs

They woke us up in the morning playing around and under our boat. This one swam right up and looked at us. Take a look at his webbed foot.On River 095cs

There were at least 6. Here a couple are sharing a log.On River 180cs This buzzard kept watch as we took the dog ashore in the dingy.On River 114cs

On our way home we spotted a few gators. This one was pretty good sized.On River 229cs

I guess it’s time to start getting the parts together for the hardtop. Bummer….and I’m ready to go boating again.

All in all, it was a great trip. The boat ran the best it has every run since we’ve had it.

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