September 11, 2009


It was a beautiful sunny day today. Bit humid. The late morning showers didn’t arrive until Jim started installing the handrails on the back. Good thing he was using battery operated tools. It quit as soon as he was done. You know how that goes. Other than being a bit of a bother….it was refreshing.002

These are the rails Jim’s brother, Carl, gave us. They are perfect for walking around the back. 003

Removing the box from the swim platform made it possible to lower the dingy motor mount. Now the motor wont have to be lifted so high and the weight is lower.  We are going to carry the gas cans and 1000 watt Honda generator on the foredeck.

The weather is really starting to get nice…not quite so hot and a bit cooler in the evening. We can put up with the heat during the day but it’s hard to get any sleep when it’s so hot and humid at night.

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Hira Reid said...

Your new hardtop/windows/ handrails looks really nice. I love having that setup on Shatoosh, my Albin 25.