September 8, 2009

Leaving for side enclosure

We removed everything from the cockpit and stored it below. Side curtains were taken down and the truck hooked to the trailer.008

We wanted to leave as soon as the sun was up this morning and be at AB Custom Products, in Orlando,  as early as we could. He wants to have it done by tomorrow evening….Thurs a.m. at the latest.

We may put a stainless support in each side, as soon as, we see where the side zippers will be located. 010

It looks good, open like that, but I do most of the climbing in and out for fenders and dock lines, and I think I’d like something extra to grab, especially if going to or coming from the rear.

Jim’s brother, Carl, found (2) 43 inch teak handrails. They’ll go across the back.

We are lost today…no boat in the yard to work on. Oh…I forgot…the teak handrails will be here in a bit and I can start sanding.

Then it will be time for a good scrubbing and some Poliglow. Wow!! it just never ends.

So….maybe tomorrow night I can post pictures of the new side enclosure.

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