September 27, 2009

Visit to see Rabble

We decided to go to Astor, FL and look at another Albin 27, named Rabble. It is for sale on EBay. The owner sent me these. Isn’t it gorgeous?!!NewRabbleC2


It’s a beautiful boat and full of all the things I’d like to have: windlass, bow-thruster, 8 house batteries and even AC/heat. I don’t really like the idea of being closed up for AC but it would make boating here in FL much nicer during the summer.

From there we stopped in Sanford, FL for the car show at the Riverwalk. It right across the road from the marina, so it’s one of my favorites.

This cloud seemed to be sitting right over our little spot in the jungle.Rabble 057cs

I thought we might be in for some funny weather but didn't get any rain until the middle of the night. Sure was pretty.

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