October 6, 2009

New Sunscreen covers & screen enclosure

I have been busy!!!  We decided to make screens to fit where all the vinyl panels go. It will be much cooler during the summer…but we will also leave them up all the time. It will keep the bugs and leaves out and our new vinyl enclosure will last much longer.new covers & screen enclosure 008

The center rear panel was made by AB Canvas Products. He used a much better grade of screen and you can see the difference. Mine will be much cheaper to replace if a limb blows through it or a storm damages them, though his is much nicer.

new covers & screen enclosure 004

I ordered some SunShade, and Sunbrella for trim and made new window covers. It’s much cooler than the blue covers, and you can see through them a bit. Also made one for the front hatch and for the big window on our camper.

We’ll use the blue covers when the boat is stored on the trailer in the yard and save these for cruising.

The cover on the center window had a bit of an overhang and I made it even bigger. I’m hoping that will allow us to leave the window open in most rain storms. If it’s blowing hard..it will have to be closed but a lot of our summer storm are just downpours.new covers & screen enclosure 002

This is my first attempt at this…so please ignore all the errors.

Our “before”..hardtop, screens & covers.


It sure makes us look different. new covers & screen enclosure 005

We have a car show this weekend…and then we can go boating.!!!

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Hira Reid said...

I'm impressed with your new screens and choice of colors. the crean/tan is more attractive and reflects the light while the blue is hotter. I have cream on Shatoosh.