December 31, 2009

Doctors Lake to Pine Island 12.30.09

We had gone to bed early so we could get an early start. We were underway before the sun was up.


A beautiful sunshine all day. Very warm and cozy inside our cockpit. shorts and short sleeved shirts until the sun went down.

The trimaran caught our eye.


Jacksonville is a very pretty city from the water.


The Modis building looks like it’s hollow from a distance. There is a mall, restaurants and plenty of room for boats at the dock.


Now here is a nice home away from home.


We saw this ship coming towards us, just before the junction to the ICW…


I was glad we were able to make the turn off before we had to pass it.  There was a strip of land between it and us and we headed S. I waited until this sailboat passed between us for a photo.


The sun set to the W of us….

Sunset ICW near Pine island

While the moon rose in the east…


We were only a mile from our anchorage and most of the markers have blinking lights so we had no trouble finding it. As we rounded the island a sailboat turned on it’s mast light so we had company for the night. We made 60 miles today. I think that is a record for us.

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