December 8, 2009

Portable dingy running lights

When we were cruising the ICW last year, we didn’t have any bow running lights for the dingy. We did have a white light for the stern.

Jim has a problem sitting still and doing nothing…so he started work on a running light. He used an old 6v flashlight.


My sister, JoAnne, had given us the red/green  light, but we needed a way to hook it to a battery. Since this is a waterproof case he decided to use it.  I normally ride on the port side, near the front and I will be able to turn it on and hold it when we have to run Raisin ashore.


It’s small, lightweight and easily loaded into the dingy when we might need it.


Hira Reid said...

JIm and Carol
Very clever idea and will work well. Can you come and help me with my stern light?
Hira Reid
Albin 25 HN1124

Diane said...

Thank you so much for directing me to this blog as well. Your photos are amazing, and looks like you 2 are enjoying yourselves immensely :) Good for you both!