September 13, 2010

Emanuel Bend to Lake Monroe Park and haul out

Remember me telling you there were some folks swimming in the spot we wanted to anchor? Well…I wish they could have seen the size of the gator that patrolled that same area just before daylight this morning. It was too dark for a photo….
Most of the boats out here are traveling at a high rate of speed and probably never see the number of gators that we do…guess that’s why we only swim at Silver Glen Springs.  Even when we just want to get a wet cool down, we never get off the swim ladder.
Beautiful morning…not too warm yet. 
We took the time to enjoy our coffee….the river is beautiful in the morning.026cs
I had the screens down and all loose objects stowed by the time we got to the launch ramp. We were able to tie up in the shade. That helped a lot. Once the dingy was deflated and lugged up to the truck…we hauled her out. Jim did a good job getting it centered and in the right position on the trailer. He takes care of that part while I pull it up the ramp. Team work. We were on our way home before the hot part of the day.
We have a couple of car shows coming up in a few weeks. Maybe when they are done the weather will be cooler and the alternator problem solved. Jim took both of them to Discount Auto and had them tested..Even the new one tested bad. How’s that for luck?!! 
So…hope someone is getting their boat ready for a great time on the water….I’ll have to be content reading the blogs and then climb my 15’ stepladder to enjoy Slow Motion. Even at home I use it…..makes a great bird watching tower!!

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Hira Reid said...

Thanks for sharing about that Coleman Coffemaker and the solar lights.Could you take a picture of them?
Onboard Shatoosh,Astoria,Oregon