September 11, 2010

Palatka, FL to Axle Creek (S of Lake George) 9.11.10

When we finally got to bed last night…we decided we’d sleep in. There go those plans again….at 5:30 am something bumped us…it woke me up so I raised up and looked out the port….we were surrounded by bass boats!!!! Bass tournament today!!! 
This is the first time we’ve seen one start. I asked one of the contestants what time they started…he said “safe light”…They call each boats entry number ..starting with one and send them out one at a time…one right after the other…here are the sights and sounds…..

Watch the wakes caused by the boats as they leave. I wanted to get more of them but my little digital ran out of memory after the first few. It looked like a wild ride after 20 or 30 had stirred up the water.

As soon as all the boats were gone…the Herons flew in to see if they could find any fish or shrimp on the docks.003cs
Jim installed the new alternator…it didn’t work!!!  Did we get a bad one?  He ran a jumper to the battery to rule out a bad wire or fuse…still didn’t work.  So…I guess we are heading back S and home.
HOT  again today…HOT and sticky…as it has been since we got out here.
Lake George was flat when we started across…a third of the way and the wind picked up…we had lightning to the East and to the West…about that time Jim asked  “what do you think is the tallest object out here?”  Nice thought!!  But we got across safely.
Look at this beautiful sky. The white swirl at the top of the photo was unique.
Here the sun is setting under the storm clouds. Silver Glen Springs is over there under the rain.
It was strange watching such a pretty sunset….and lightening at the same time.
We are anchoring in Axle Creek tonight. It is just S of Lake George. We don’t anchor here often since it is such a short distance from Silver Glen Springs, but we bypassed the Springs on our way home. I really like this anchorage. We are off the river far enough to be protected from the big boat wakes…but close enough to watch them go by. I photographed Ospreys nesting the last time we were here.

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