July 7, 2011

Friday….another Lake George crossing

I much prefer anchoring out but the night was still pleasant.

We enjoyed our sausage gravy and biscuit breakfast and a nice walk. Picked up a few supplies and headed S.

Our trip across Lake George was very nice. Enough breeze to keep us cool but all the clouds were over the land and we rode in sunshine. Once we got thru the gates I snapped these Osprey. The channel markers are one of their favorite nesting places.


This Nimble Nomad reminded us of Larry and Diane’s former boat, “River Nomad”.   I think most of my posts a few years ago included them. We had some good times when we had the Adventure Craft and they the Nomad.  Both were very shallow draft and we checked out all the side creeks and rivers….places we can never get into with the Albin.



Anchoring near Lungun Island.  G3

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Hira Reid said...

Glad to see you guys on the water. I hapve been missing your trips, wondering where you were. Nice photos, loved the storm clouds.