December 8, 2011

Blue Spring, FL to Mullet Lake, FL

We had a nice evening on the water.

Having anchored near the side of the creek to allow for boat traffic, Slow Motion ended up sitting in the lily pads. Larry had his anchor down and we were rafted up so he towed us to the middle of the creek. That way we wouldn’t have to start the engine and suck up some leaves etc. Worked like a charm.

We took the side creek back to the river. It’s a beautiful ride…slow Manatee zone but so is the river at this section.




Guess it really wasn’t interested in a picture.


Diane at the wheel while Larry takes a picture of me taking a picture of them.


This is a big one…you can’t see any of it’s tail and that head is huge. Is that a scowl on it’s face?


This tree gives you an idea how shallow it is where the St Johns River enters Lake Monroe…boats with drafts like ours need to follow the markers. Once in Governor's Cut there is plenty of depth.


Sanford Boatworks Marina is just S of the cut and fuel and slips are available here. There is also a good restaurant with room for both A 27’s at the dock. We’ll stop on our way back. We’re headed to Mullet Lake Park. This park has a boat ramp but no long term secure parking. So even though it is much closer to our home we launch at the W end of Lake Monroe.

You have to look closely at the one below. You can see only the gators head…and it’s another big one. It’s looking almost directly at us…you can see the eyes and the teeth. This one was in Governor's Cut…



The river S of Lake Monroe is beautiful. This is our favorite area. The river is up now so we are able to get over the shallow areas.


We reached Mullet Lake and decided to anchor in the river. Since there was so much current we used both anchors when we rafted up.

Another beautiful night on the water.


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