December 9, 2011

Lake Harney area to Butcher’s Bend G109

Jim and I left our dingy in the water so we could do an early morning trip ashore.

This is the view from Raisin’s walk.


It looked like we might have another pretty sunrise…..and we did….but not nearly as pretty as yesterday’s.


Larry had the only anchor out…it held beautifully. After the dingy was stowed on the swim platform, we headed back down the river. Down the river is N.

Larry spotted this small herd of horses. There were several cows back in the shadows of the tree line.


You can tell the river is up….this stand of palms is surrounded by water.




Another good idea.  A floating home. It looks like a bit of Key West…..everything was gaily painted.  I could live here too! This is floating one the river but anchored to shore.


This pair of Bald Eagles sat for a long time as we shut down the motor and drifted. There was a nice current.


Cute little gator….maybe 6’ or 7’.


A few years ago when boating with Larry and Diane, I felt I should title everything “The little green boat”. They had a Nimble Nomad and it was in most of my pictures… I have another one either following or leading us. We look a bit alike…same make…we have a hardtop that Jim built and Larry and Diane’s has a bimini. (and a whole lot of fancy stuff we don’t have: windlass, mermaid heat/air, bow thrusters and some stuff I can’t think of.)


Under the bridge is the entrance to Lake Jessup. There is a launch ramp just before the bridge.  Lake Jessup is very close to home but too shallow for us.


This is the restaurant near the RT 415 bridge by the Sanford Boatworks Marina. We decided to stop here and have lunch. Larry and Jim hiked to the marina store but they didn’t have the parts Larry needed. Lunch was great with very good service.



Larry and Diane crossing Lake Monroe.


Unfortunately this is our last day on the water for a few weeks. (at least we don’t have to wait for the ice to melt). We have some commitments that will tie us up awhile….then we’ll be back out and hopefully….headed to the Keys with Larry and Diane for company.

Our anchorage for the night is just N of Lake Monroe Park.

See you on the water soon.


Anonymous said...

Could Larry give us a brief list of pros and cons of the Albin vs. the Nomad? Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing your cruise with us.

Larry said...

Both are GREAT boats. The Albin is larger, heavier, has more room and has a lot more systems on board; The con side of the Albin is the 2 1/2' draft vs. the 14" draft of the Nimble. The Nimble is easier to trailer. The Albin has a deisel in board engine vs an outboard on the Nimble