January 20, 2012


We were not the only ones making an early start.

001 s

002 cs

I could definitely live here!!!!  She sure is a beauty. I would love to see below deck.


Our run today is only about 15 miles. We’ll pick up a mooring at Vero Beach, grab the bus to Waldo’s for lunch and spend the rest of the day lounging around.

Larry and Diane took the bus to Wal-Mart and back…guess it was quite a busy trip

We spent some time looking at a 32’ Erickson sailboat.  Didn’t look to be in bad shape, only $5000. Wind generator, solar panel, dingy davits, lots of other stuff. If it all works it’s a deal. At least it’s floating right now so there aren’t any holes in the bottom. Unfortunately…it’s 4 1/2 ft. draft would severely limit our use on the river….and it’s not trailerable.

Beautiful day. Quiet night.


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