January 25, 2012


Another early start with a nice sunrise.

Here is A Dollar More. The bridge street lights are still on. The pillars have beautiful work near the bottom of Manatees and Dolphins.


You can just make out the blue area near the bottom. It makes for a very pretty bridge, but wonder at the cost of the maintenance of such art work.


This is a very colorful boat.


Here’s another dream in trouble.


The C Dory is one of my favorite little trailerable boats. A  boating blog with a lot of trailering information is: 



They have cruised all the places I would like to. (We did do Lake Powell.) I believe he was a geologist and there is a lot of interesting information on the canyons etc. in that area. It’s a good site to check out if you plan to do any “trailer sailing.” They’ve done it all.

This is one of Jim’s favorites….another boat that we cant afford, but often dream about.


Our anchorage for the night is a mooring ball in St Augustine, FL. It is too late to do anything ashore, so we will stay 2 nights. That will give us a whole day to explore Sailor’s Exchange, and pick up a few supplies.

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