October 26, 2012

Yukon Delta’s first launch 10.23.12

We finally had a day to launch the Yukon Delta.  At last….we’re headed for the water.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 002cs

There was no one at the ramp …until we got the boat in the water….so we pulled it off the trailer and over to shore, out of the way.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 003cs

Jim wanted to take his time getting the motor running and checking things out, and this way the ramp was open for others. There are no cleats to tie up to on the dock, anyways, and the far side of the dock was full of water lettuce….a very invasive water plant.

The motor kicked over on the first try. We’d already worked on it at home…in a trash can…so we knew it would run.

I got aboard…..and off we went.  Finally……the view off the bow is perfect…..water.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 008cs

The wind started to kick up a bit and we didn’t see a gator anywhere. But this Great Blue Heron posed for me.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 007cs

How’s this for a view. Looking forward from the ladder to the upper deck.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 010cs

and from the bow.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 012cs

We cruised up river for about 6 miles, figuring it would be easier for our dingy motor ( 2 hp)to get us back to the dock, (running with the current)  if the Johnson quit on us, but it didn’t .

We tossed out the anchor and had a quick lunch. Cold pizza and gatorade. I did try to use 2 black plates as a solar oven..but it only took the chill off…too many clouds…I guess. Here’s our lunch time view.

YD 1st launch 10.23.12 017cs

The launch went well….motor ran good…boat didn’t leak  (that was real good) and it handled a broadside wake very well when we were anchored for lunch.


When we  got back to the dock…….the wind had really kicked up….with a very strong cross wind in the same direction as the current, and the only side of the dock open was the downwind side. The small area where we had pulled up next to shore was completely filled with water lettuce and the wind kept pushing the boat sideways into it.  Getting the boat back on the trailer was a challenge. We ended up using 2 long lines from the dock to walk it on…….A  couple of guys came over to give us a hand, and we were able to position it on the trailer the way Jim needed it to be for the changes he wants to make.

I didn’t feel bad when a fishing boat had the same problem. I went over and grabbed a line till he got on the dock.

But…all in all….it was a good day. It was just too short. I kept wishing I’d brought along sheets and pillows so we could spend the night….Oh well……next time.

When we got back, we took the railing off the top. All the screws were loose and I doubt we’d be spending any time up there. After having campers and living in mobile homes…we know staying off the roof really helps prevent leaks.

So here is the new slimmed down look.


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