November 27, 2012

Inverter, Shore Power, Breaker Box

The inverter needs to be as close to the batteries as possible, so it is going under the rear bench seat.

He used 2 floor registers as vents. One in the outside wall and one on the front of the bench. This will give good air circulation when the inverter is running.


The 2 1/2 gallon water heater and the microwave will be on one breaker and the fridge and other outlets will be on the second one.

The original shore power plug was on the outside near the roof. Hard to reach from under the hardtop. Jim put it near the battery cable outlet and the inverter plug.

The orange cord is now shore power. When on the water, the plug inside the inverter box will be plugged into the shore power outlet and the inverter turned on. It will then power everything the shore power cord does. There is no way you can have both on at the same time…We have this same set up in the camper. Unplug shore power and plug the inverter into the same outlet. Automatic switching boxes are very expensive. If you can’t unplug one and plug in the other…’re too durn lazy to be on a boat. They are a lot of work….unless, of course, you can afford a yacht.

We wont have an air conditioner to run and our heat will be a propane “Mr Heater”. We used it on Slow Motion and when we brought this  boat home. We spent a couple of nights in cold rainy weather in it. It heats it up fast, and then if necessary we can start the little Honda 1000 watt generator and plug in a small electric heater.

Not all the conveniences of home…but at least it’s not “tenting”.


When the water heater and fresh water tank arrive…..they will be next.

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Larry& Diane said...

i'm sure there will be "air" sometime down the road? (water)