November 24, 2012

Working on the inside….

There was a very weak section of floor just inside the back door. It had been replaced with 3/4 “ plywood but wasn’t secured to anything…so it still was weak. We decided to remove the table and both bench seats and put down a 1/4” sheet of board in a 5 x 4 “ section to help spread the weight. It looked so good with out them, I was tempted to have Jim leave them out…but we really need the storage under them. We did shorten the one in the center to give us more walk thru room and shortened the table to match.


Jim had to put a carpet strip on the floor because of the 1/4 “ difference. He sure hated to lose that headroom.  LOL


The lower shelf in the closet was removed to make room for the refrigerator. It was put back in and another added above it. We wont have a hanging closet. We’ll just have to fold and stack most of our stuff. Jim did find a small tie rack that can be put on the outside of the closet at the foot of the couch. I could hang a few blouses there if I need to.


The center bench seat originally came out to the corner of the plate in the floor. About 6 or 7 inches more room

           Before                                                                                          After

Yukon Delta interior 10.10.12 006cs       005cs

Jim took the paneling with the mirror off the door frame and put it on the inside of the head door. So we still have a mirror.

The cushion covers were only stapled to a piece of wall panel. It was easy to remove them and cut the paneling and foam to fit the shorter bench. It can still be made into a bed, but it would mean less foot room for 2 people.

There is still a lot to do inside…rebuild the cupboard where the microwave will sit, install a water tank, pump and faucet, inverter and batteries… mention a few. Still have to make the screens for the back deck. Oh well…..maybe we’ll just go boating and rough it.

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