November 3, 2012

Yukon Delta ….facelift

This is what the hardtop looked like when we got the boat.

Yukon Delta  10.9.12 003csc

We removed the railing from the top and used it to make supports. If you look closely at the bottom of the one in the photo…you can see it looks pretty ratty….under the blue carpet it is rotted away, with the screws showing.

Jim has been working on the outside for several days now.  The boards around the outer edge were replaced with new ones and he fabricated new supports. It really tightened it up. Much more solid now. I even have a place to hang wet suits and towels.


He cleaned up the rear quarter by removing the “Yukon Delta”… That black line on the R side of the photo is an outline of a new window. We had one left over from the old camper. It is perfect for over the kitchen sink, with crank out windows that can be left open in the rain. The one there now..will be put in the head. I think we start on that, as soon as, the outside is finished.


We removed the trim boards and caulked everything, then replaced them.

outside 001cs

This side is about done. We’ll use the short railing from the front on the hardtop. I need something to tie my solar lights to while cruising. I set them out during the day and use them inside at night. Removing the ladder gives us more space in the “screen room”. I’ll start sewing the screens once the hardtop is done. Impossible to sit out at night in FL without them.

outside 003cs

That’s our progress ….so far.  Once the windows are in, we can start on the inside. Right now it is usable for a few days at a time.

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