January 12, 2013

1.8.13 Salt Springs, FL

Another nice night on the water.

We took the dingy ashore. Raisin gets a little walk. At 15 (or there about), she’s not much for long walks but she did have fun tracking the flock of wild turkeys around the parking lot. There must have been a dozen crossing thru.

There is a camp ground in the pines just beyond our boat on the far side, with a launch ramp. It’s mainly for small boats, canoes and kayaks. Several of the campers carry inflatable kayaks so they can enjoy the water.


Jim brought 3 empty jugs along. There is a free flowing spring that makes it easy for us to add water to our tank for dishes and showers.

After getting water and the dog walked, we headed back to the boat, but spotted the Manatees playing in the water. Sometimes you don’t even realize they are there and at other times they get pretty frisky, as you saw in the video yesterday.

The Anhinga spend the night in the trees behind the boat. The white on the low bushes is from their droppings. You can see several in the tree now but at night it is full, and fun to watch them jockeying for a spot. They have webbed feet and are not the most agile birds when landing.


We spent a lazy day on the water…..just cruising around in the dingy, sitting aboard reading and generally enjoying the beautiful day.

Tomorrow we’ll head back up the river (S).

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