April 27, 2013



Two big motors on the back of this one. We looked at one before we bought the 27’ Albin, Slow Motion. Liked the boat but not the head situation.


Jim spotted this one….


I always get a kick out of these “flying” turtles…wonder why they don’t fall in.


Our anchorage by Drigger Island.



This pair of Sand Hill Cranes were setting up house keeping just behind our boat. They build their nests on the floating grasses and lily pads. You can see the grasses in her beak as she fits them around her.


Cyprus Knees…


After our dingy ride around Drigger Island, we headed S.

Look at this cutie….love those gators…


Just past the entrance to Lake Jessup, there is a “no wake Idle Zone”. We decided to anchor on the bend. It wasn’t out of the river but most of the boats go slow thru here….not all…but most. It was a pleasant night. Our rear deck was pointed to the sunset. Great way to end the evening.


There is a big bridge crossing the entrance to Lake Jessup, but we couldn’t even hear the traffic. The St Johns River S of Lake Monroe does not have a lot of places to anchor. This one will do.

I love it when I can say  “another great day on the water”.


Barbwilsey4ever@yahoo.com said...

So happy for both of you. ;)

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Barb...nice to know someone in the family actually reads this..LOL