April 11, 2013

Trip to Lake Jessup 4.09.13

We decided to register the little fishing boat and use it until we sell it.

Lake Jessup is a very shallow lake. We want to be able to launch our little Yukon Delta houseboat, Meander, at the local fish camp here in the Hammock. We decided to take the fishing boat out with our GPS and see if we could chart a path down the lake to the fish camp. Even took the poles Jim made for Meander, incase  we ran aground.

We didn’t get more than half a mile into the lake and we were churning up mud. Guess we’ll have to wait until we have more rain……a lot more rain.

So we took a trip on the St Johns.

This Bald Eagle was enjoying his breakfast.


It was kind enough to pose for a couple of pictures…..What a striking bird!


It looked right at us….then took his food and flew off.


Jim enjoyed opening up the motor to see what it would do. It was a beautiful day on the water. A little windy and the water got lumpy in some stretches but he still had fun.


This Heron was standing with his beak to the wind.


We saw several gators…but this was the biggest. It didn’t mind us going past but when we turned around he headed for the water.


Next trip we’ll take the fishing poles and see if we can catch anything. Jim better hope we don’t get any big ones……I’ll want to get into a Bass Tournament if we do.

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