December 30, 2013


Weather was very nice last night. Windows open all night. No croaking or singing frogs though…must be hibernating in the mud or something.

I did have a cute little tree frog on the foredeck. Don’t know if he traveled with us or dropped from a tree that we sat under for awhile.

We headed for Butcher’s Bend at G 109, and decided to take a side trip. Dropped anchor and had breakfast.

These American Coots  kept an eye on us while we ate.


This Little Blue Heron posed for a picture…normally I have very little luck capturing these guys. They are pretty skittish, but we were anchored and he didn’t realize what I was up to.


After breakfast we hauled up the anchor and completed the trip around the island. Don’t remember having been back in here before…but most likely did when cruising with Larry and Diane. We’ll put this on our list of interesting anchorages.

Jim spotted these cute little guys.


They weren’t much more than 3 or 4 ft long.

You could tell they had never been hunted….Jim slowed down…circled around for a few more shots and they didn’t seem worried at all. A big gator would have been gone in a flash.


Here are some “one” legged Ibis.  Jim gets a kick out of these birds …they are always standing on one leg.


Back on the river we spotted this gator sunning at the base of a palm tree. Another tree that will eventually end up in the river as the wakes from the big boats wash out the shore around the base.


Our plans were to pull out on Monday, but once at Butcher’s Bend Jim decided to call our neighbor and see if our road had been paved. It hadn’t ….and it is a dead end.  Guess we’ll pull out today and make sure we can get home before they get started.

The rain held off until we had the boat loaded…..rained all the way home….quit so we could unload all our gear.

It was a great trip. Much nicer sleeping when it’s cool but the windows have to be closed and all the frogs and night sounds are gone.

Our next little jaunt will be with the Hudson and the Scamp. Need to road test it and visit some NY friends who are down for the winter.

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