January 15, 2014

Mill Dam Lake Resort, Silver Springs, FL 1.15.14

This is a nice campground and it is also a member of Passport America. As a member you get campsites for half price. Do a lot of camping? It is worth joining. Our membership has already paid for itself. There are some restrictions on the 1/2 price days…no holidays and some campgrounds only give it Mon thru Thurs…but we can work around that.

We set up camp…and Jim put up the “tent”. It is a perfect fit.

We plan to get an awning for the camper. The canopy takes up a lot of room in the trunk. But for now…it is working great.


This puts the size of our camper in perspective…..small. 


At 4 am we felt a big gust of wind and one leg banged the camper so we jumped out of bed and took it down. Just as we finished the rain came in a big blast…rained for awhile….no more wind…and then quit. Oh well…better than having it come undone and tearing up the camper or car.

Babe spends her day on the table top and Raisin in her bed under it.


At night Babe is moved to the stove top cover and the box under the table becomes support for the bed extension. We swivel it long ways and Raisin has the left side of the space for her bed. Takes a bit of moving and shuffling to get things done but so far it is working.

We leave here tomorrow for Micanopy, FL and the Tin Can Tourist meet. Should be fun seeing all those old campers. No electric hookups so we’ll see how “dry” camping turns out. We do have a generator for the heater if needed…and most likely will. It is supposed to be down in the low 30’s tomorrow night.

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