January 22, 2014

Prairie Creek Lodge 1.18.14

We were camped at the Prairie Creek Lodge in Micanopy, FL. Very nice conservation area.


An interesting note about the area……

Excerpt from the Visitors Guide…

”Welcome to Florida’s first conservation burial ground, opened in 2010. Prairie Creek Cemetery only accepts remains that are not embalmed and are in biodegradable containers. Graves are hand-dug by volunteers, and the land is managed as a public nature preserve. Cremated remains and pets are also accepted.”

“The cemetery includes a multi-purpose public trail that connects to the paved Gainesville-Hawthorne Rail Trail and the unpaved trails of Prairie Creek Preserve. Adjacent to the southwest is Prairie Creek Lodge, a rural conference center.” (that is where we are)

I like the idea of going back to the land…naturally.

Their website   www.conservationburialinc.org

It is amazing how much stuff gets buried with a conventional burial.

They had an open house for all the vintage campers. Over 500 cars arrived with about 1600 people.

Even though our camper is not really old enough to be considered vintage…we had a lot of people looking at it and amazed at how much room was inside….even a bathroom.

We are looking forward to a few more Tin Can Tourist events. There is one in Michigan this summer that sounds very good. Maybe we’ll get to see some of their famous lighthouses.

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