February 25, 2014

Tin Can Tourists 94th Annual Winter Convention at the Sertoma Youth Ranch, Brooksville FL

We spent another great weekend with the Tin Can Tourists. The Youth Ranch is located under some very tall Live Oaks. Beautiful spot.

Here we are…all set up under the trees. Jim put an extension on one corner of the awning to run water off. A severe thunderstorm was predicted…but missed us.

We forgot our chairs so moved the end of the picnic table under the awning. Left the icemaker at home so Jim used the table to make morning coffee.


A few more campers…..



The couple with this bus have a beautiful cat that travels with them. It wears a harness and walks around like a little dog.


This makes a nice little traveling camper. During “open house” I had a lady mention she had one that was from the late 60’s. I asked if she were a TCT member and she said no….she didn’t have an Airstream.  There are a  lot of them in the club but it is open to anyone who likes to camp….even if it isn’t an Airstream. Vintage campers are most common but all are welcome.


If you look closely at the picture of the Airstream on the right side….you can see what looks like a small door. It is actually a door within a door. Open the small door and you have a screened door. Pretty unique idea.



Everyone sets up their trailers differently….the lady who live here made this. It is beautiful.


A friendly group of people.



And we thought ours was small….there were two this size there.


Look how beautifully she has this done up…..The bed makes into a table and bench seats and I believe it had a small sink, fridge and stove top.

025cs  026cs

This camper is 45’ long….and the couple restoring it are doing the work themselves….anyone remember the movie “The Long Long Trailer” with Lucile Ball and Desi Arnaz?   Well….we got to watch it…with the side of the trailer as the movie screen.  How appropriate…


Here’s a motorhome you wont see everyday.


It belongs to Rodney Kershaw….and he is planning a TCT meet in Lake Charles LA in Sept. Sure sounds like fun…hope we can make it.


“Pot Luck” supper  turned out to be a feast!


Jim had a new friend as we were getting things packed and ready to leave. She had been hanging around the night before. Larry told us she was there last year too. It was kind of nice….most people don’t get to see just how beautiful they are or get to pet one.

034cs  036cs

I didn’t take pictures of all the campers….and I didn’t get the makes and dates. I’ll do better next time. Guess I was having too much fun.

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