April 17, 2014

St Johns River…heading south 4.17.14

The wind never let up during the night and was kicking back up this morning so decided to bypass a trip across Lake George. Very shallow lake and gets it’s back up very easily. We’ve crossed it in bad weather several times, but had the Albin 27….a very seaworthy boat.

Our little Yukon Delta has an open bow and any water coming over it flows under the floor and is picked up by the bilge pumps and put overboard. Not a problem if only small amounts but lots of water could cause a problem, especially if it is raining hard too.

We’ll save that trip for another time.

The last few times anchored by “Bubba’s” island, we didn’t see Bubba. We’ve been worried that gator hunters may have gotten him.


This morning while having coffee…a rather large gator cruised by. This is just his head.

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It is hard to tell how large it is…but this shot of the back of it’s head shows how wide it it. We’re pretty sure it’s “Bubba”, as he’s fondly called by the locals.


It’s island was underwater for awhile so perhaps there is a new sunning spot.

A Cormorant…they swim underwater like an Anhinga, with just their necks and heads out.

You can see it’s webbed feet. Want a good laugh? Anchor near a nesting tree and watch them come in to roost. You can imagine the difficulty of grabbing a limb with those feet.


Just a baby…


One more step and this Blue Heron was in flight.


These channel markers make perfect nesting spots for Osprey. They get most of their food from the water….fish….though you do see one with a snake every now and again.


She flew off as we passed…but came right back so she must be sitting on eggs or little ones.


We decided to knock off early….anchored near “Revolving Bend” marker R30…boating is hard work…so we each took a short nap….had and early supper…weather was perfect for wine on the rear deck.

I think we have nesting Sand Hill Cranes near us. Hope to see them in the morning.

Sun is going down…batteries are charging and we’ve both got books waiting to be read. It’s amazing…we never have TV on the boat or when traveling with the camper…and we never seem to miss it. Enjoy the wildlife too much on the river and company of other campers when on the road.

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