May 25, 2014

5.18.14 New York

Imagine Jim’s surprise when he got up in the morning and found frost on the top of the Hudson..

A stiff breeze came up yesterday afternoon and we put the awning away along with the mat and chairs…sure glad we did. They got put away dry instead of frosty.


We stopped in a rest area and had lunch.


It was such a beautiful spot we decided to spend the night.


We parked in the car parking instead of taking up a spot that might be needed by a tired truck driver….evidently security didn’t see it our way….and we had a knock about 9pm telling us we had to move to the truck side, so we did.

We met Pat and Cinda at the Kissimmee Tin Can Tourist meet this winter. They live in Pen Yan which is on the opposite side of one of the finger lakes from Jim’s Uncle and cousins.

We stopped and visited for a few hours. Pen Yan was hit with flooding a few days before and it still was in a state of repair. They showed us all around town. Fortunately their place didn’t sustain any major damage.

The have a beautiful big old barn that has been renovated into apartments. It is beautiful…and I forgot to get my camera out.The asked us to spend a night or two but we had made plans with Jim’s uncle and had to move on.

Jim’s cousin, Valarie, and her husband run a  blue berry farm.


We got here just in time for the blooms…



Val also has a nice flock of chickens. This is their day time pen that can be moved about the yard for fresh pickings.


Here they are the next morning …moving from their secure night time building to the day pen.


This is a beautiful farm with some old weathered buildings.

102_3250 102_3272

The hand pump in front of the barn still works and is used to water the garden during dry spells. The water is carried by hand in buckets to the garden.


This Swallow watched me when I walked Raisin.



Val’s sister, Shelly, was also there. Jim hadn’t seen her in many years. She and her husband live in Oregon. We just happed to show up at the same time.

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