June 14, 2014

Don and Sandy’s 6.4.14

We stopped to visit some long time friends of Jim’s….and now mine.

Another GPS shortcut?  Nope…just Jim having fun. He thinks he can go anywhere with that old Hudson.


Jim’s daughter doesn’t have room to park in her driveway, so Don and Sandy let us base out of their place.

We met another friend, Jerry,  for lunch and he showed up in this ‘23 Dodge.


After lunch Jim followed us in the Hudson to Jerry’s place.

Here we are…side by side.


We needed to go to the cemetery so away we went  …in a ‘23 Dodge Touring Car.


What a neat ride. Love those wheels…


While we were at Don and Sandy’s, our 16+ yr. old poodle, Raisin, passed away.


They let Jim pick out a nice spot by their pond to bury her.


Don found a nice rock for a headstone…Jim carved “Raisin” on it. 053cs

I’d rather be here than in some big fancy cemetery.

She was a great traveling dog….boats…campers…it didn’t matter as long as she was with us. Sorry to see her go…but she was getting old …had lost her sight and hearing and was slowly going down hill. She was my Mother’s dog and now she is with her real mother.


We had some good times with Jim’s daughter, Sandy, his granddaughter, Keira, and the great grandkids ..Brandon and Dakota. Of course, not enough time.

They set up the trampoline and it was fun watching the little ones compete with each other and the girl next door. Dakota is only 2 and showed no fear.

When we got back to the camper we loaded all the gear while it was still dry…ready for our trip in the morning.

We are going back to VA, and run the Skyline Drive (35 mph speed limit) and the Blue Ridge Parkway (45 mph). We’ve reserved a campground at Rocky Knob for 3 nights. Joanne and I plan a hike.

Thanks again Don and Sandy…..we had a great time.

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Hira Barbara Reid said...

Sorry to hear about Raisin. I know you miss the little dog. She had a good life and got to go lots of places other dogs never went.