June 18, 2014

Rocky Knob, VA on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 6.9.14

Babe, our Lovebird, didn’t act up to par this morning so I heated up her thermos (no stopper so it heats the cover) and put it under her blanket. Put some meds in her water.

Jo Anne showed up and we went on our hike. Not doing the 10 miles this time. It is supposed to be a strenuous hike…I'm not up to that right now…working on it though.


First part of the hike is through a cow pasture. Uphill but a nice walk…just avoid the “cow pies”.

Jo Anne resting on a trail marker. They were spaced out through the pasture. We hiked to the top and then through the trees you can just see over the ridge.


Our view from the top.


Once in the trees the trail got a bit harder…lots of rocks to watch…easy to turn an ankle on them.


We hiked up to the rocks that Rocky Knob was named for…this is one of the views. That is tree tops at the bottom of the picture.


There is a log structure with a beautiful stone fireplace. Jo Anne took a water break.


I followed this trail to see where it went.



After the overlook we took another route back to the trail we started on.


We hiked down to the trail that is called the “picnic” trail. This old building was one of a couple at the end.



I think our hike was only 4 or 5 miles but it was beautiful. We were both getting pretty anxious to do the 10 mile but got smart and decided to wait.

If you have your “senior pass” for National Parks you can camp here for $8 a night. No electric or water hookups…but they have a dump station and water fill up. Several motorhomes and campers came in just for overnight parking. They were doing the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.

If you ever get a chance to run them….it is definitely worth the time.

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